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"So what is the solution to the copyright wars? It’s the same solution we need to the press-regulation wars, to the war on terror, to the surveillance wars, to the pornography wars: to acknowledge that the internet is the nervous system of the information age, and that preserving its integrity and freedom from surveillance, censorship and control is the essential first step to securing every other desirable policy goal."

- Cory Doctorow
Source: Guardian

"The American media industry tries to stifle user freedom. Every time. Every single time… We should delight in the stand we’ve taken in favor of things like, say, notifications, and trials, and proof before censoring someone, but we should get ready to do it again next year, and the year after that. The risk now is not that SOPA will pass. The risk is that we’ll think we’ve won. We haven’t; they’ll be back. Get ready to have this fight again."


IP+Media Digest: France claims ‘Three Strikes’ law is a success with a reduction in piracy, but where are the profits?


In a recent HADOPI report, the French regulatory agency has claimed successful results from its “Three Strikes” law. HADOPI cites various surveys and website traffic data which it believes is proof that illegal file sharing is on the decline in France. HADOPI claims the “Three Strikes” law…

Source: ipandmediadigest

The Hobbit pub’s trademark challenge with Hollywood. (Wrongly labeled a copyright dispute in the article title.)

Source: BBC